Tories back new care hub in Lanark and community facilities across Clydesdale

CONSERVATIVE councillors backed plans to place a Clydesdale care hub in Lanark.
Members of South Lanarkshire Council’s social work committee last week voted on proposals for how care will be provided in the years to come.
Tory councillors helped vote through plans that will meet the diverse needs and clear wishes of Clydesdale residents.

Cllr Jared Wark is the Conservative Group spokesman for social work. He explained: “It is vital people can access the right support for their specific needs.
“Lanark is the right place for a new hub that will provide 24-hour care with supported beds.
“It is also right that this facility is linked to a variety of local care units, where people can get more support than they would in their own home without having to leave their communities.

“With people living longer there is an ever-increasing need for health and social care services.
“Those relying on support are very clear that they want to stay in their own homes and communities for as long as they possibly can, rather than being forced into traditional residential care homes.”
Reports to the committee have made clear the current model of care provision is outdated.
Having changed little in 20 years, the system is reported to be poorly suited to helping people stay in their homes for as long as they are able.  
When people do eventually reach a stage where they cannot safely stay in their own home, they often have complex health and social care needs that traditional residential homes struggle to meet.
Reports to the committee also highlighted that while the existing McClymont House provides a high standard of care to residents, ageing infrastructure impacts what can be provided there.
Cllr Wark said: “There is a clear need for transitional care beds to help people who are coming out of hospital and need some time and rehabilitation to get back home.
“We also need to make much greater use of telecare and community-based support, so people can keep their independence as long as possible.”
He continued: “While we have many disagreements with the council’s administration, the simple fact is it is crucial that Clydesdale gets the modern care services it will need in the years ahead.
“These plans will deliver a tailor-made new hub based in Lanark as well as adding facilities in other communities.
“They will deliver local access to different types of support, help people stay where they want to live, and also create more jobs in the area.”