Councillor Mark McGeever

    Cllr Mark McGeever represents Hamilton West and Earnock (Ward 18)

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    Mark sought to stand in Hamilton West and Earnock because he cares deeply about the community and wanted to represent all its residents as an effective and responsive councillor. He believes South Lanarkshire Council must focus on the needs of its communities and put their interests first. 

    His priorities for the area include protecting vital public services, such as our community health services, public transport links, and local facilities for both older residents and young people. He wants the council to be ambitious in working to achieve a positive future for Hamilton town centre, ensuring it can thrive and be a hub of activity. He wants the council to do all it can to support local businesses and attract other companies to Hamilton, providing jobs and opportunities for people throughout the town.   

    Mark first came to Hamilton in 2012 when he became the media officer for what was then Strathclyde Fire & Rescue. Based at the service's regional headquarters in the town's Bothwell Road, he spent the next four years supporting frontline firefighters and commanders across Scotland before taking up a similar post with another employer. Mark is married to a woman from High Earnock and they have family and friends in West Craigs, Earnock and across Hamilton.

    After being elected by residents of Hamilton West and Earnock, Mark was appointed to serve as the Conservative Group's media manager by the group leader.

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