Councillor Graeme Campbell

Cllr Graeme Campbell represents Avondale and Stonehouse (Ward 5)

Originally from Belfast, Graeme has been living in South Lanarkshire for 20 years - the last 12 in Strathaven. He has been a South Lanarkshire councillor, representing Avondale & Stonehouse since 2007, where he continues to use 30+ years IT & business background to deliver what he calls: “A common sense approach to local government.”

Graeme is now in his fourth term, with social and affordable housing in Strathaven and a common sense development programme in Stonehouse being his top priorities. Add this to his ongoing council work on improving Avondale’s roads, keeping rural crime to a minimum and ensuring Avondale’s young people get the best education possible: Graeme remains a committed councillor, serving his community.

He has been married to Fiona a since 2001 and they live in Strathaven with their sons Mathew and Craig. You can find more information about Cllr Campbell via his website:

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