Councillor Ann Le Blond

Cllr Ann Le Blond is the Depute Leader of the Conservative Group on South Lanarkshire Council. She represents Cambuslang West (Ward 13).

Ann serves on the:

* Cambuslang and Rutherglen Area Committee    

* Community and Enterprise Resources Committee    

* Education Appeals Committee    

* Education Resources Committee    

* Equal Opportunities Forum    

* Executive Committee    

* Licensing Division 4 (Rutherglen and Cambuslang)    

* Planning Committee    

* Planning Local Review Body    

* Sustainability Partnership    

* Sustainable Development Member Officer Working Group

* Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board

She can be reached by email to  or by calling 07388 955 037 .

See Also

Councillor Lynne Nailon

for Rutherglen & Hamilton West

Cllr Lynne Nailon represents Hamilton South (Ward 19). She is the vice chair of the South Lanarkshire Conservative & Unionist Association.

Councillor Alex Allison

Leader of Conservative Group in SLC

Cllr Alex Allison is the leader of the Conservative Group in South Lanarkshire Council. He represents Clydesdale East. Alex is a farmer and a former chairman of the South Lanarkshire Conservative and Unionist Association

Councillor Colin McGavigan

Deputy Leader of Conservative Group in SLC

Cllr Colin McGavigan is the Deputy Leader of the South Lanarkshire Conservative Group and represents Clydesdale South (Ward 4).

Councillor Richard Nelson

Business Manager of Conservative Group in SLC

Cllr Richard Nelson is the Business Manager (whip) of the Conservative Group of South Lanarkshire Council. He represents Larkhall. Richard works for the NHS and has 20 years' experience in health and care.

Councillor Eric Holford

Cllr Eric Holford serves as treasurer of the South Lanarkshire Conservative and Unionist Association. He represents Clydesdale East. Eric is a strong campaigner on the rights of disabled people and a keen advocate for greater awareness of the unnecessary obstacles that create difficulties for those living with a disability.