Alexandra Herdman

Chairman of South Lanarkshire Conservative and Unionist Association

Alexandra Herdman is the Chairman of the South Lanarkshire Conservative and Unionist Association.

Alexandra joined the association when she moved here over two years ago. She brings with her a wealth of experience including a year long internship at Conservative Campaign Headquarters in Westminster, a degree in British Politics and Legislative Studies and Master’s degree in Global Challenges.

She has lived and worked in Australia and the UAE and has spent 5 years working in the private sector in defence and national security. Alexandra now works in the Scottish Parliament.

Having been a long time campaigner for the Conservative Party, Alexandra has gained experience win her local MP, telephone canvassing for the London mayoral campaign, local elections and many other campaigns over the years. She also stood as a candidate in the 2017 local elections.

Alexandra also dedicates time as a fundraiser for Marie Curie and is an active member of its Clydesdale group.

A lover of baking, she often makes cakes for family, friends and charity. 

Alexandra welcomes discussions and comments from members and can be contacted via email on

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