City Deal projects like Stewartfield Way must be reassessed

SOUTH LANARKSHIRE Council should reassess City Deal funded projects set to have a major impact on its communities.

The area’s opposition Conservative Group called for a new approach, after the SNP council leader said the minority nationalist administration has no plans to look again at any of the projects.

Following the authority’s executive committee meeting on Wednesday (1 May) the Tories appealed for local concerns to be considered.

Conservative leader Cllr Alex Allison said: “The dualling of Stewartfield Way in East Kilbride is a clear example of a project being imposed against a community’s will.

“That should be deeply troubling to anyone who believes in local democracy.

“I understand other councils have been able to reassess specific projects located within their authorities without the area losing the City Deal funding.

“This project will have a massive impact on the people who live in Stewartfield and they would be badly let down if the SNP-led council will not reassess the impact it will have on their community.”

The plan to turn Stewartfield Way into a dual carriageway was approved under Glasgow City Deal funding arrangements. It faces strong criticism from people living in East Kilbride.

Graham Simpson MSP said: “I have seen nothing that convinces me that there is any merit in dualling Stewartfield Way.

“It will cause massive disruption for those living nearby – indeed for the whole of East Kilbride and as someone who lives in the area it strikes me as being totally unnecessary.

“John Ross should show the same open-mindlessness that North Lanarkshire and Glasgow councils have done and change. This is a waste of public money that would be unforgivable.”